Why Homeopathy Has a Lot to Offer to UK Patients?

Thank god there’s no cure for it.

Yes, there’s no cure for healthy skepticism.

When you question every action or substance.

That has irreversible consequences.

Or where the money is flowing the wrong direction.

Talking to you as a fellow parent.

I need not over-comment.

On top if you have born a child.

You are aware subtle rules over tough.

Yet if you’re new to homeopathy.

The first steps off the travelled road are hard.

Enter to help Dr Sara Eames Director of Women’s Services and Education at The Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine.

Likewise President of the Faculty of Homeopathy.

She has a special interest in helping with the management of conditions such as:

The menopause.

Infertility of unexplained origin.

Pre-menstrual syndrome.

Polycystic ovaries.


And recurrent infections.

In this video she addresses what homeopathy has to offer to the NHS.

But you pay the bills at the end.

And it’s your skin in the game.

Come on watch it.

I found these points the most intriguing from her short video interview:

[00:14] Homeopathy is available at national level and is part of NHS - including hospitals, clinics and GPs

[00:52] GPS who use homeopathy use far fewer antibiotics

[01:11] can help reduce stress from multiple medications and time investment into multiple doctors’ visits

[01:27] frustrating to not to have a doctor overlook the whole treatment and the lacking oversight of medicine administration by different doctors in different medicinal branches

[02:12] self-care a central part of homeopathic care vs allopathy’s “take a pill for it” stance

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Further Reading, Resources

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The two NHS sponsored homeopathic hospitals (Jan 2018) are the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine and the NHS Centre for Integrative Care in Glasgow, Scotland.

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