This Is the Healthy Way to Boost Your Kid's Immune System

It was cold.

I stepped on a creek with thin ice.

Next moment.

Knee deep into freezy water.

For the next half a mile of the walk.

One of my friend kept murmuring: “Gosh, you’ll get pneumonia!”

My response: “Stop the bullshit!”

That’s how irrational you can get.

Even as a young adult.

After at the hut.

I changed socks.

Dried my boots.

And downed a couple cuppa teas.

I didn’t even sneeze that weekend.

Here’s a quick and interesting take.

On how cold can help you stay well.

To balance the media pounding.

With deadly flu et al.

For those coming from the metric system.

14 Fahrenheit is bloody -10 Celsius.

What’s your worst encounter with cold that turned out well at the end?

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See how Wim Hof- aka Iceman - takes care of the little issue of cold.

Picture credit: The Siberian Times.

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