3 Top Homeopaths on Curing Cold

During the year.

There are these times.

When you get out of balance with surprising ease.

Holidays gone.

Got tired.


Not moved around enough.

Likewise in the Winter.

Often you go warm to cold.

Then back from cold to warm.

The seasons’ change alone is a huge burden on your body.

Wherever you are on the wheel of earth.

Winter is colder than Autumn.

More of us get cold or have flu.

Not from the temperature getting colder though.

Rather this weather is more favorable for a few viral strains.

That can multiply faster in this climate.

If you are familiar with Homeopathy.

Or got into it anew.

You will not rush to a doctor.

Ahem, homeopath.

Whenever you lose your life energy balance.

And get cold or flu.

As you’ll find many fine homeopaths online.

Who give helpful advice.

For free.

I looked them up for you.

Here are three of my favorite ones.

Use these select expert tips.

As torches to find your way to recovery.


Expert #1 - Joette Calabrese

Joette Calabrese profile picture

Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) is a certified classical homeopath who teaches mothers and others worldwide via phone and Skype.

“It’s this simple: chest. Had he said “cold” like cold in his nose or sinuses, I would have said Coldcalm. Super easy. Or maybe some Ferrum phos, or maybe some Sanguinaria and Belladonna. If it was painful, we might use Sanguinaria 200 with Belladonna 3. That’s a Banerji Protocol. They use that. And so is the Aconitum and Bryonia, a Banerji Protocol for that matter. But, because he said chest and cough, I immediately went to Aconitum, Bryonia.” Podcast 41 – Joette’s Holiday Traditions and Remedy Tips

Expert #2 - Dr. Vikas Sharma

Dr. Vikas Sharma profile picture

Dr. Vikas Sharma is a fourth generation Homeopath. M.D In Homeopathy in Chandigarh, India since 2002. Specialised in chronic disorders and the field of Autism Spectrum Disorders. Also, a homeopathic columnist for North India’s largest daily newspaper - The Tribune.

“Once you get a cold, the instant human reaction is to somehow get rid of it as soon as possible. Allopathic medicines over the counter may provide you some relief from a runny or stuffy nose, sneezing, headache and bodyache for a short duration, but the viral infection far from leaves your body. The cold, or the viral infection of the upper respiratory tract, recurs and that can be even more frustrating. Here is where Homeopathic remedies can be of great help. Homeopathic treatment for cold go to the crux of the problem and ensure that the viral infection is rooted out of the body. Homeopathic remedies for cold can cure it effectively and has no side effects as these are made from natural substances and hence, are completely safe, whereas homeopathic remedies to prevent colds can ensure that there is no recurrence.” Warm up to Homeopathic Remedies for Colds

Expert #3 - Pauline O’Reilly

Pauline O’Reilly, Lic BSHom, ISHom is an experienced, licensed and registered homeopath with the Irish Society of Homeopaths, the regulatory organization who set and maintain standards for professional homeopaths in Ireland.

“… if you see your symptoms clearly in one of the […/…] remedies, try taking that particular remedy in a 30c potency every 3 hours for 3 doses. If you find an improvement, continue with the remedy reducing how often you take it as you improve. A typical cold might need the indicated remedy repeated 3 to 4 times on day 1, 3 times on day 2 and once or twice on day 3 always reducing as you improve. If however you find no improvement whatsoever after 3 doses it is not the correct remedy.” Homeopathy for coughs and colds

So, mind your balance.

Get well if you has lost it.

Oh, and sign up for more.

Words of caution

While I made my best to bring you the right information to help you heal.

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